AIR CONDITIONING in the Bahamas: Ductless A/C Units

You probably think of Air Conditioners as huge, clunky things-

and why wouldn't you?

They've always been big, and so inefficient, too!

That led to unpleasant surprises at bill-opening time.

But now- thankfully!- we have the amazing "Mr. Slim" unit

offered by Ductless Systems, Ltd, of the Bahamas-

this tiny powerhouse can cool all month long,

and uses only a fraction of the power of your old system!

Be smart, save yourself money- click here: Ductless, Efficient AC Systems


AIRLINES in the Bahamas: SkyBahamas. Superlative.

Led by accomplished pilot and noted businessman Mr. Randy Butler,

SkyBahamas richly deserves her reputation

as one of the finest regional airlines in the Greater Caribbean.

With regular service to Bimini, the Abacos, Eleuthera, Cat Island, and Grand Bahama,

and now direct to the United States' gateway of Fort Lauderdale, Florida,

SkyBahamas is sure to become your preferred way

to island-hop in class, style and comfort.

Book your next flight today!   SkyBahamas


ALARM Companies in the Bahamas: SSI

Looking for a security system for your Bahamas home or business?

You're in luck!  There's an international-quality security system provider

to protect your valuable business or personal possessions.

You can't put a price on peace of mind-

but with Security Systems International,

your Bahamas alarm system is very affordable.

For a complete Bahamas security system analysis,

contact SSI today: Bahamas Security Systems Website


ANIMAL RESCUE in the Bahamas

Remember "Bob Barker" from "The Price is Right"?

He always ended each show by saying,

"Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered."

In the Bahamas, there's a wonderful organization that believes the same...

Baark! of the Bahamas is helping reduce the population of strays

by their highly effective spay-and-neuter campaign.

Baark! has set up over 20 clinics, providing over 5,000

spaying and neutering procedures in the Bahamas so far-

all without government funding, with countless volunteer hours!

Help Baark! help animals today: Baark! Bahamas


APPLIANCES in the Bahamas

Refrigerators, Washers, Dryers, and more...

Appliances are a fact of life- and when you replace them,

you want a great price and quality installation.

So, thank goodness for Geoffrey Jones and Co., Ltd., of Nassau-

They've got all the appliances a Bahamian could need,

and they install them!  And- they have lighting and electrical covered, too.

For Bahamas appliances, Click Here: All Bahamas Appliances


ARCHITECTS in the Bahamas

When you're building your Bahamas home,

it's only going to go right with a great set of plans.

That's what Alexiou and Associates, Architects, is all about-

they combine industry best practices with your vision,

and, together, you both craft a building that is exactly right.

Want energy efficiency / LEED certification?

Alexiou built the first LEED building in the Bahamas!

Architecture- international quality, Bahamian style:

Superlative Bahamas Architectural Services


ART GALLERIES in the Bahamas

The National Art Gallery of the Bahamas

is the honoured home of some of the finest art

ever produced by Bahamian artists, sculptors, and

mixed-media practitioners.

The whole world of Bahamas creative expression

can be experienced here-

her constantly-changing exhibitions put a kaleidoscope

of color and joy up to your curious eyes.

Visiting the Bahamas? Visit this treasure:

NAGB, The National Art Gallery of the Bahamas


AVIATION / FBO in the Bahamas: Odyssey Aviation

Your family is flying in to the Bahamas- privately.

Your spouse, your children, deserve red carpet service-

what you need is a top-quality Bahamas FBO to receive your flight.

Odyssey Aviation will delight you with superlative aircraft services-

Hands down, they're one of the very best Fixed Base Operators

in the entire Greater Caribbean.

Located in five of the Bahamas' airlift ports of entry,

and with two locations in the United States as well,

Odyssey Aviation is the Bahamas FBO you need.

Click here:   FBO Bahamas: Odyssey Aviation



You need to get your message across, visually- but how?

In your daily battle for the hearts and minds of others,

graphic design has such an important part to play.

Of course, unless you're an artist or designer yourself,

the artwork and graphics of any project is best left to the pros.

In the Bahamas, there is a international-quality design firm-

Smith and Benjamin Art and Design has the skills and talent

to make your project the best it can possibly be;

from the logo, to illustration work, brochures, and reports-

all elements of graphic representation can be wisely left to them:



HOME STORES in the Bahamas: CBS Housewares

Ever said, "I wish there were a Home Depot in the Bahamas"?

You don't need one: with CBS Bahamas, you have

a comprehensive home store- right on New Providence!

Their Service Department can even install what they sell.

For Bahamas home improvement, you don't need Miami-

you only need  CBS Bahamas Home Centre.


MAGAZINES in the Bahamas: "Stylezine", So Sexy!

Want to see great-looking Bahamian guys and girls,

all dressed up and looking as fine as they possibly can?

Only Stylezine- The Bahamas' leading fashion mag-

gives you all of that, and great articles, too!

Check it out for yourself: Stylezine Magazine of The Bahamas



When you think of the Bahamas, you think of sun, sand, and sea.

But- think of what might happen if you had a health emergency there?

You may need to get to a Stateside hospital in a hurry-

and that's where AAS Life Flight / Emergency Air Ambulance Services

can help to save your life:  Air Ambulance Services of the Bahamas


MUSIC In The Bahamas Website

When it comes to Island music

for many folks- it's "Bahamian Or Nuttin'"!

That's why this website is so awesome-

it has the Bahamas music scene covered!

"Mama don't want no rakin and scrapin round here...

Mama don't want no rakin and scrapin round here!

But we don't care what mama don't like

'Cause we're gonna rake and scrape all night..."

You'll be rakin' and scrapin' too in no time:

Bahamian or Nuttin' Music Website



It doesn't matter if you're just getting your driveway paved,

or surfacing a two-mile-long airport runway-

BHM Co. Ltd. is the Bahamas leader in asphalt

and all other elements of paving.

Trusted by the Bahamas Government as well as

all kinds of businesses in the private sector,

BHM stands ready to make your next project

flat, level, and impervious.

Asphalt and Paving Work in the Bahamas


PHOTOGRAPHERS in the Bahamas

Want world-class, celebrity-quality photographer services?

Then you'll be happy to know one of the finest photographers

lives and works right here in the Bahamas.

Ben Jamieson's work is legendary:

An artist's eye, a master's touch-

nothing less will do for your magical day.

Love for Ben to help you? Easy, click: Best Bahamas Photographer



Can you get acupuncture in the Bahamas?

Yes!  You're in this tropical paradise, yet-

you can still access Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Just by contacting respected TCM practitioner

and published author Cairo P. Rocha, OMD/PhD,

who worked, lived, and was trained in the Orient

by and with some of the finest TCM professionals,

you can enjoy being in the Bahamas- and-

still have the alternative medicine you want.

Cairo P. Rocha, OMD/PhD, Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Bahamas



Think of the Bahamas, and you'll think of sun, sand, and sea.

But did you know that Nassau has a wonderful zoo-

with a famous troupe of Marching Pink Flamingos!

Ardastra Gardens is also a Botanical Garden-

with exotic plants from all over the Greater Caribbean.

When you go to the Bahamas- go for a nature vacation!

Ardastra Gardens, Zoo, and Conservation Centre