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Your family deserves it- everything arranged, perfectly.

You want them to arrive at your vacation property with the furniture in place, of course... 

Lucky for you, many Bahamas properties in this category have not only the furniture, but are "100% turnkey-furnished", for your family's convenience,

complete right down to the linens and utensils, and perhaps even a cold bottle of bubbly in the fridge.   :)

And here's a great additional benefit- this special category of Bahamian real estate has the obvious potential to accomodate paying guests: 

Many already have an impressive cash-flow-into-your-pocket rental history!

Renting out your Bahamas property is now easier than ever- the Bahamas Government has passed provisions intended to allow Bahamas homeowners who rent out their properties to keep their existing Bahamas property tax exemption.

Ask an appropriately-licensed Bahamas professional or a Bahamas Government representative to see how this opportunity may apply to you.