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San Salvador / Columbus Isle real estate and Rum Cay property for sale

San Salvador is, quite possibly, the island on which Christopher Columbus (sailing the ocean blue, in 1492) first landed in the New World.

On "San Sal" there's a Club Med resort- with weekly flights direct from Europe.

Rum Cay- doesn't the name sound exotic? 

This blessed little island is one of the most pristine in the entire Bahamas-

with only a few people, but some of the most dramatic

ocean, beach, and hilltop topography found in the Greater Caribbean.

Price US$5,250,000.00
Name"On Snow Bay", Sunrise Road, San Salvador, Southern Bahamas
Rep*Sean McCarroll with McCarroll Real Estate
Listing #59132
Price US$1,400,000.00
NameRum Cay, Bahamas Resort Development Parcel
RepC A Christie Real Estate
Listing #50247
Price US$2,950,000.00
Name"High Cay", San Salvador, South Bahamas Family Islands
RepAisle of Palm Realty
Listing #61125
Price US$200,000.00
NameVictoria Hill Beach Lot, San Salvador Island
RepGina Knowles with Island Living Real Estate
Listing #41176
Price US$2,950,000.00
Name"High Cay" in the Southern Bahamas
Rep*John Christie with H.G. Christie Limited
Listing #78006
Price US$189,000.00
NameColumbus Landing Beachfront Parcel, San Salvador, Southern Bahamas
RepDanielle Van Wynen with H G Christie International Real Estate
Listing #63128
Price US$399,000.00
Name"Weber House", San Salvador Island, Southern Bahamas
RepAisle of Palm Realty
Listing #60951