}*Gated 3BR Estate at Ocean Club Estates, Reduced Twice Featured Popular

Ocean Club Residences Swimming Pool

Reduced from $3,865,000 to $3,800,000,

then cut again to $3,600,000.

The Residences at Ocean Club Estates is perfect for you,

and for your loving family; why would that be?

Because you might not want to spend

the high-seven or low-eight figures

you'll need to buy a single-family house here.

But here in the Residences, you all will be living

the ten-million-dollar lifestyle-

at a price in the low-sevens! 

That's correct, Mr. Accountant-in-you-

you'll have that perfect second home in the Islands,

without breaking the bank.

Here's a 3-bedroom Penthouse unit,

smashingly fabulous-

for well under four million.

Ask your very best question now, champ!

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*Cara D. Christie with H G Christie International Real Estate
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