That Palm Beach Understated Style, That Lyford Cay Tropical Serenity Featured Popular

Casuarina Beach, one of the 9-figure houses on Lyford Cay

Thinking Lyford Cay?  You're thinking luxury, obviously.


But you know it doesn't have to be of the type

that screams, "I've got lots of money!  Look at it!"

Instead, perhaps your family would prefer

a statement of reserved serenity-

No less impressive, of course,

but in a Palm Beach "I don't have to brag" manner.


"Casuarina Beach" would, then, be an excellent choice:

It's directly on Lyford Cay's incomparable beachfront,

but presents itself in a reserved, professional way

which might be more to the liking of, say,

the CEO of a F500 publicly-owned corporation

who would prefer to present a less-showy face.

And the price? At $12.5M cash asking,

you'll have a tough time finding a less expensive

Lyford Cay beachfront property of any stripe.

Ask your questions now- while they're fresh!

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"Casuarina Beach" on Casuarina Lane, Lyford Cay, West New Providence, Bahamas
*Nick Damianos with Bahamas Sotheby's, Bahamas Real Estate Brokers
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