~...^Next to the Poop Deck: New Providence Beachfront Land Popular

"It's is not unusual..."

Scratch that.  It's VERY unusual to find beachfront land for sale

in I-want-to-live-there West New Providence- but you have!

Located between the famous Poop Deck restaurant and Delaporte Point,

with over 150 linear feet of white sandy beachy perfection,

this parcel might just be perfect for a boutique beachfront condo project.

Now, how easy would those units be to sell?

West NP, but still close to BahaMar...

Nassau real estate developers: Get on the stick-

and ask for more info about her, today!

Real Estate Listing Details

Price US$
"Delaporte Beachfront Parcel", North West New Providence Island
*Ridley Carroll with Damianos Sotheby's
Listing #