...*'Conchrest' at Cable Beach Featured Popular

In the newly-reborn Bahamian Riviera, Cable Beach,

it's easy to think that BahaMar is the be-all and end-all.

But don't forget, that well before BahaMar was even a twinkle

in the eye of a certain Lyford Cay resident,

that classic elegance and barefoot-casual charm

was the way it was for the boutique seafront condo developments

that nestled alongside classic venues like the Nassau Beach Hotel.

"Conchrest" is like that: a tidy, direct-seafront grouping

of delightfully large and perfectly located second-homes.

This third-floor unit sports 2,000 square feet-

and a price of only $529,000 USD cash.

Won't you learn more about her today?

Real Estate Listing Details

Price US$
Vicky Knowles-Andrews with H G Christie Real Estate
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