Entire Seafront / Canal Front Subdivision, Platted and Ready Featured Popular

Entitled, platted, undeveloped subdivisions in the Bahamas

Do you want to be a Bahamas land developer-

but with the hard work already done for you?

Here's an extraordinarily rare opportunity to buy an entire

21-lot oceanfront and canalfront subdivision

perfectly located midway between closest-to-the-USA West End,

and Freeport with its international airport and everything you need.

Every single one of these lots is seafront, canalfront, or both-

which makes the $12.5M asking price for the entirety seem a bargain.

Ask about this one today:

potentially your most profitable property investment.

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'Seaward of Grand Bahama' Boating Subdivision
*James Sarles with Coldwell Banker James Sarles
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