Great Cistern Cay properties

Captain Stumpy was tired, the night was late. The bars were closing.

Our beloved captain was about to turn around and get himself and his trusty carriage back home.

But just then, a red-eyed, stumbling man rolls himself out of the door and says, "Please!! Please, I need a ride!"

"I need to go to the northernmost point of Manasota Key.  The private part. Please!"

Captain Stumpy said it's farther than he usually goes, but he'd be happy to help out his drunk friend.

The Captain drops him off at the largest house on the north end.  The man gives Stumpy a business card.

The next day, Stumpy calls the man up, just to see if he's OK.  The man says, "Because you got me home, I was able to execute the deravatives swap on the Tokyo exchange.  Saved my entire position.  May God bless you."

Before Stumpy could speak, the man then said.  "I hate my kids. My liver's shot and the doc says I got about a year.  My wife left.  My college ain't getting a dime.  Would you like this house when I die?"

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*Rachel Pinder with Island Living Real Estate, Bahamas
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