...*6BR Canal Front Ocean Club Stunner- on Golf Course Too Featured Popular

This gloriously dramatic Ocean Club masterpiece:

The Ocean Club may well be your first thought, and final choice

becuause of that all-important location factor-

on Paradise Island, home to the spectacular Atlantis Resort.

The Ocean Club's gates have held secure and protected

a wide cross-section of those with both old and new money.

Which are you?  Don't answer- it doesn't matter.

Regardless of why you personally find the Ocean Club

your perfect second-home sanctuary, bear in mind that

your accountant will want to discuss with you

how parking about five million in a foreign

tax-advantaged jurisdiction

may be to your loing-term financial benefit.

Real Estate Listing Details

Price US$
"Ocean Club Estates #65", Eastern Paradise Island
Kim Lewis with Ocean Club Properties / The Lux Group
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