*Priceslashed: Executive Oceanfront Ranch-Mansion Featured

West End, Grand Bahama close-to-USA properties available

PRICE CUT FROM $3,350,000 TO $3,100,000-

AND THEN AGAIN TO $2,900,000

Thinking about buying on Grand Bahama Island?

It can be a great decision-

of course consult with a Bahamas-licensed Realtor

and/or a Bahamas-licensed Lawyer before you do squat.

But, with that in mind, search all the Grand Bahama listings

at your leisure, and pleasure-

because if you're gonna park some investment cash

in this near-to-the-USA tropical paradise

that may have legendary tax advantages

for the appropriately-positioned person of means (you?)

Remember, the airport is a mere limo ride away!

(What you talkin' 'bout, Wilis?)

Real Estate Listing Details

Price US$
'Old Bahama Bay #6', West End, Grand Bahama
Coldwell Banker Sarles Realty
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