*ROCKSOLID Freshwater (!) Canal Home, Pricecut Featured

freshwater canal front homes in the Bahamas for sale

Huge price cut from $260K to $150K

Rare freshwater-frontage house on Grand Bahama.

Look! The price is only $150,000 for a house on Grand Bahama!

Imagine living in this tax-favoured, subsoverign paradise-

and having a ton of money left over in the bank;

all because you didn't buy the expensive house

or the fancy car- you won't need it here.

Right: there's no keeping up with the "Rolleses"

because nobody cares about showing off here.

You just play it cool, and enjoy Paradise.

Real Estate Listing Details

Price US$
Lady Lake #84
Ina Simmons with Coldwell Banker James Sarles Realty
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