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Goodbye Malcolm

"Goodbye, Malcolm.  You flew in on a private jet; so I'm sure you are loving coach. 

Hey- thanks for the check, and thanks to my prenup lawyer! 

Now, where did I put that Mai-Tai?"

When you think of Bimini, you think of Hemingway-

and his famous book, "Islands in the Stream."

Yes, Bimini was the legendary haunt of Papa for several years,

while he was writing some of his most well-known books. 

The magic lives on, here on these beautiful islands...

surrounded by some of the richest deep-sea fishing grounds

in this part of the world.

And- Bimini now has a casino!

100% private Cat Cay is an exclusive, member's only private island

that plays host to the rich and famous.

Price US$16,000,000.00
Name"Bongo Bay House" at Cat Cay, Bimini Chain of Islands, NW Bahamas
RepSamira Coleby with Bahamas Sotheby's, Bahamas
Listing #61076
Price US$425,000.00
Name"Bimini Bay Bldg. #83, Unit #102", Bimini Bay Resort, North Bimini
RepJohn Christie with H G Christie Real Estate
Listing #33497